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Via Embedded Automation – We are setting up to release a major revision and it includes the following: Release date is scheduled for 1st week of December.

• Major Feature added – 24/7 Surveillance system:
• Continues recording of IP cameras
• RTSP camera support

• H.264 MP4 recording of all camera
• Transcoding of mpeg/mjpeg camera to h.264 MP4
• Camera streaming to clients enhanced
• Steaming playback of recordded surveillance video
• Simplified scheduler to setup recording
• URL Rewrite Authentication/Authorization
• Added persistence setting for drivers
• Added logic for notifications for Email/SMS:
• Added central location for SMTP and SMS settings
• Added support for multiple email/SMS account notification
• Added custom body and subject to email/SMS action
• Added email/SMS forwarding camera url action for quick view
• Added support for TekMar – A high efficiency HVAC system
• Added Simplified Chinese support
• Added EnOcean support – wireless lighting and sensor protocol
• Room controller
• Low voltage control
• Light sensors
• Temperature sensor
• Door/Window sensors
• Occupancy sensors
• Thermostats
• Other combination devices
• Enhancements:
• Added Zwave locks through VeraLite
• Windows and door sensors support through VeraLite
• Fix Thermostat through VeraLite

and other minor bug-fixes.

I am interested in the VeraLite additions and fixes, hopefully these will resolve the issues I reported to mControl support.

2 thoughts on “Major mControl update coming soon”
  1. Hi CW-KID,

    Have you ever tried the RFXCOMM support in VeraLite. I’ve been looking at RFXCOMM for ages as the devices like HomeEasy are so much cheaper than z-wave in the UK. I use MControl to control my X10 stuff but it’s not very reliable and since reading your post on MControl & VeraLite integration it could be the missing piece of the jigsaw for me.


    1. Short answer is no I have not looked at it. Sounds like a good idea though. Z-wave kit is expensive luckily I can buy it at trade prices which helps. I can also supply Z-wave devices to others PM me if interested.

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