This Google have enabled Google Music matching for users in the UK. The service works like iTunes Match it scans your music collection and makes them available online for streaming or downloading.

You download a program from Google Music that will then upload your music from Windows Media Player, iTunes, My Music or a folders that you specify. The service uploads the music to Google where you can store 20,000 songs for free.

You can specify how much bandwidth is used for the uploading but if the scanning process detects songs in Google’s database it will add it without having to upload.  Once your music is indexed and uploaded you can stream it from the Google Music web site or via the Google Music apps on Android.

It seems to work as advertised, some files seemed to upload very fast and others seem to take some time, once they were updated I could stream them on my Nexus 7 where it will cache them. I will try uploaded my collection over the weekend and see how long it takes.





One thought on “Google Music online matching available in the UK”
  1. It took me around 4 days non-stop to upload around 5000 tracks this week. I don’t have a particularly obscure music collection but it didn’t seem to be doing any matching.

    Monday it ran into problems (probably from everyone trying) and I had to restart on Tuesday but still this is not a quick upload! Still it seems to all work now. Lets see what happens when I buy some new music!

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