Channel 4 have announced some interesting new features to it’s 4OD platform. At channel 4’s Upfront 2013 event they announced that next year Channel 4 will add mobile offline viewing to 4oD so you will be able to download Channel 4 shows on a smartphone or tablet.

Also added is “Pause and play” where you can start watching a show on one device and then carry on where you left off on another device. It’s a great idea, something that Netflix does very well so it’s a nice addition to their service. Channel 4 are also going to add live TV viewing to their iOS and Android apps.

The new features will be available in 2013.

Channel 4 today announced the launch of a range of major new digital platform and product innovations at its Upfront 2013 event.

Building on the huge existing success of 4oD, which is the UK’s most successful commercial video on demand service reaching nearly one third of all young people in the UK on a monthly basis, in 2013 Channel 4 will launch:

  • Mobile offline viewing for 4oD: Channel 4 will become the first commercial broadcaster to launch free ad-supported offline viewing, giving viewers the opportunity to download and watch many of their favourite Channel 4 shows, on catch up, on the move on their smartphone or tablet.
  • 4oD ‘Pause and play’ across platforms: Viewers will be able to pause a programme on 4oD on one platform and then resume watching from the same point on another device.
  • C4 ‘Watch live’ on mobile devices: All of Channel 4’s main channels will be available to watch live on iOS and Android devices from early 2013.

These three new products are among the platform innovations we expect to deliver in 2013 and are part of the package of benefits offered as part of Channel 4’s viewer relationship management programme to engage and reward its registered viewers.

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