Back in late 2006 before Android, before Microsoft Surface and before the iPhone there was a the launch of the Zune. The Zune was Microsoft’s challenge to the dominance of the iPod but it failed catch on (despite the very well designed Zune HD) and eventually became Microsoft’s brand for music and videos but even that has come to an end as Microsoft phase out the Zune brand to replace it with the Xbox Music name.

Today the final part of the Zune story comes to an end as the site has been taken down and replaced by an Xbox page. The Zune software used to manage and sync Windows Phone devices is still available and can be downloaded from the Xbox site and the Zune support pages can still be accessed but it does mark the end of an era and the start of the Windows 8 era as Xbox Music is going to be built in to Windows 8.

If your in a state of panic over the demise of there is a Q&A on the Xbox page.

What happened to the site?
With the launch of the new Xbox Music service, the web site has been turned off and content has been moved to

So the Zune now officially belongs in my computer museum.

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