There is a new version of Xbian for the Raspberry Pi available. 0.8.2 includes a new build of XBMC with PVR and Airplay support as well as CEC 2.0
Get the download and more details at

Any readers given this distribution a try yet?

XBian 0.8.2 – 13/10/2012

    • Added a new XBMC build which will fix a lot of bugs and improves performance
    • Added PVR (also included the PVR addons)
    • Full airplay support (Thanks to the XBMC team!)
    • Changed force_turbo=1 to force_turbo=0 in /boot/config.txt as this could void warranty when overclocking via raspi-config
    • Reverted to the official raspberry pi kernel (it’s safe to rpi-update 128 now)
    • Upgraded libcec to version 2.0.0 (Nice work Pusle-Eight!)
    • Enabled webserver by default


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