Today Windows 8 is available for pre-order from There is the £49.99 Windows Pro Upgrade Edition and hilariously the N Version which is the same but without Window Media Player is priced at £189.99!


The upgrade pack to go from Windows 8 Standard Edition to Windows 8 Pro is priced at £129.99.


You can pre-order now with the release date being October 26th (Windows 8 launch day). What we still don’t know is the price of the Pro Pack with Windows Media Center, you get the impression that Microsoft don’t really want to sell the Media Center edition.


After a conversation with Ed Bott and Jason Coombes on twitter it looks like if you buy a PC with Windows 8 Standard Edition to get Windows Media Center on it you would need to buy the £129 Pro Pack. There is still some confusion as to whether the Media Center Pack would be an additional charge to that.

For Windows 7 upgrades the price is not to bad but I can’t see many people buying a new PC next year bothering with a Media Center upgrade if it costs £129


2 thoughts on “Windows 8 pricing and packaging revealed, no Media Center Pack details yet (updated)”
  1. Just a month ago, the talked about price was $40 or £26 for the W7->W8 upgrade. This is double the price that I was expecting, and I don’t think I’m going to bother.

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