A few months ago I reviews the Sonos Play:3 the smallest speakers in the Sonos range. I was really impressed with the sound quality and the simplicity on the Sonos system especially the remote apps. This year Sonos launched a sub-woofer component called the Sonos SUB priced around £600 its not cheap so what does it do?

The SUB connects to your Sonos wireless network via the Sonos Bridge and then you can select which zone you want to add it to.  I added it to my main zone with has the Play:3 connected to it.

The SUB is a heavy unit and boy does it make a difference, at low volume levels it adds a richness to the bass and at high volume levels it really booms out. Before I had the SUB switched on I thought the bass was great on the Play:3 but once I added the SUB I was amazed how good it sounded, unfortunately after going back to just a Play:3 the bass now sounds little weak.

It’s hard to demonstrate the difference it makes in a YouTube video but I have given it a go!

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