Update: according to the official Surface twitter account the email was sent out in error.
Surface (@surface) tweeted at 8:44 PM on Sat,

Oct 20, 2012: An incorrect email was sent to several customers who preordered #Surface. Customers should expect their devices by the original date given. (https://twitter.com/surface/status/259741794152103936)

Which is very good news!


When the order page for the Microsoft Surface went live I was impressed that the delivery date would be October 26th the launch day of Surface and Windows 8. I was impressed how well Microsoft have co-ordinated a global roll out. 

Well it looks like things have not gone quiet so to plan. In a very sneaking move of sending out notification emails during at 3am in the UK Microsoft have put back the UK shipments until the November 2nd a weeks delay. 

Its very frustrating because I want to get my hands on a Surface and also because all the US sites get to post their reviews first. Once again it shows how well Apple do with their global rollouts and that they have set the standard for how it should be done.

It’s frustrating but I am still pleasantly surprised that the Surface is available at all outside of the US.

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