The OpenELEC team have been working towards releasing OpenELEC 2.0 for some time now and today the final version has been released. OpenELEC is an appliance type build of XBMC based on Linux, the idea is its a fast, self contained and easy to setup Media Center system. It runs on a variety hardware and is great for self build Media Center systems.

Version 2.0 has lots of new features including the latest version of XBMC, PVR support, CEC and lots of other features. You could have this setup to boot from a USB stick and have tuner support via something like HDHomeRun or DVBLink.

It’s very easy to get started with it and you don’t even have to replace you existing Windows installs. Hopefully there should be a Raspberry Pi version of it soon.

Details from OpenELEC:


Significant changes and highlights in OpenELEC-2.0:
XBMC-11.0 (Eden)
Includes new native high-performance image compression for JPEG and PNG image types. If you previously enabled DDS fanart in advancedsettings.xml it should be removed. You can remove .dds files from the thumbnail image cache. Eden has improved sound card detection. This may change the naming of audio devices available on your system. If audio stops working after the update please adjust audio configuration in XBMC settings to use the updated device names.

PVR Support
We are now including by default PVR support based on XBMC 11.0. These changes include PVR support within the XBMC GUI and include DVB firmware and drivers, TVHeadend, VDR, Njoy N7, MythTV, Mediaportal, HDHomerun and VU+ support in the OS.
Going forward all OpenELEC-2.0 images are PVR ready – the PVR functions can simply be enabled (or disabled) in XBMC settings.

Improved AMD XVBA support
Thanks to the efforts of FernetMenta, Fritsch, Newphreak and many users who have been testing and providing feedback we have native XVBA support that replaces the old VAAPI temporary solution in OpenELEC 1.x. Performance and stability are massively improved.

Automatic Log-File Creation
Accessing the \\OPENELEC\Logfiles SAMBA share automatically creates an archive file that contains essential log-files for troubleshooting.

Automatic framebuffer detection
The previous “hack” to make splash screens work is not more needed.

XBMC now includes native NFS, AFP ,CIFS and SSH share support

CEC Adapter support

More supported hardware like DVB drivers, Remotes, Soundcards

Airplay and Airtunes support

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