Ceton was the star of my CES 2012, I was really impressed with their embedded entertainment system codenamed “Q” which is based on Windows Embedded Standard 7. While I thought it was a fantastic demo I have been concerned with Microsoft lack of commitment to Windows Media Center in the next version of Windows Embedded, in fact I couldn’t get anyone from Microsoft to confirm that Media Center would be ever included in Windows 8 Embedded (it isn’t included in the current previews).

It looks like Microsoft’s lack of clarity has caused some scratching of heads over at Ceton as in their latest newsletter they have said that plans to launch the Q have been dropped:

While Windows Media Center is available with the consumer version of Windows 8, it is still unclear whether Media Center will be offered in the next version of Windows Embedded.  We expected that question would have been resolved by now but it’s hasn’t.  So, what to do???

We’ve been discussing a few different options internally for a while and frankly we haven’t decided the best path forward yet.  What we have decided is that the Ceton Q as previewed at CES will not launch this year as we planned 10 months ago

Ceton do say that it’s possible it may launch in 2013 but it’s a real shame given how good it looked back at CES and how much interest there has been in the project.

Also in the newsletter Ceton say that the Echo Extender is having a couple of finishing touches added to it and the release is still planned for the end of 2012.

Checkout my video of the Q in action from CES where you can see what we could be missing.

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