The VLC team have released another beta of the VLC app for Android. This is the 7th beta and fixes audio glitches, reduces RAM usage and has UI improvements. It’s a great app for watching video on Android, let’s hope the team can develop a Windows Store app.

The app is free from Google Play


What’s in this version:

This is the seventh beta available of VLC for Android.
The new beta is a bugfix release above 0.0.6, fixing audio glitches and syncing, reducing RAM usages in the UI and improvements on the fullscreen interface
It continues the UI improvements, the tablet-freedly mode, the stability and speed improvements of 0.0.6. It is still Intel and Tegra2 CPU compatible.
It also brings many crashes and issues that were reported by users, and translations updates.
But remember, this is still a beta 😉

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