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Since the MPEG-2 licences was made available for the Raspberry Pi I have been trying to get it working with my HDHomeRun networked TV tuner. I had limited success using an iPad to control the HDHomeRun but I wanted to be able to control the TV tuning directly from the Raspberry Pi and not use an extra device.

Thanks to a tip via a comment on my previous video we now have a solution.

The first step is to create a set of .strm files that XBMC can use to control the HDHomeRun and view the TV stream. To do this you need Windows PC to create the files.

On the Windows PC download and install the HDHomeRun setup tools.

Select the application as XBMC Media Center then click on the Tuners tab and click on Scan



This will product a set of strm files in \users\[user name]\HDHomeRun XBMC TV, there will be one for each channel scanned.

You then need to either copy the .strm files to the Raspberry Pi’s SD card or access the folder via the network. I created a folder on the Pi’s SD card and copied the files to the folder.

Once you have done this you have finished with the Windows PC and you can go to the Raspberry Pi.

From the XBMC on the Raspberry Pi go to the videos section and add files, select the location you placed the .strm files and then from XBMC you will see the list of channels and be able to play them.

Here are instructions for the XBMC part and check out the video walkthrough at the end of this post.

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Add the folder as a location in XBMC


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In my case it was in the root file system

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Select the folder and click ok, this adds it as a location in the Videos section of XBMC


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When you select the folder you should see a list TV channels, select the channel and then you will be watching TV on the Pi.


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4 thoughts on “Video: How to get live TV on a Raspberry Pi using a HDHomeRun”
  1. I posted my strm files on a network location, then mapped, and am only getting audio no video. Any idea how to fix?

  2. I copied my strm files to a network location, then mapped in xbmc as a video file. I only get audio, no video now when playing the .strm files. Any idea how to fix+

  3. I’m confused. Do I have to have the Windows box setup with XBMC, and SiliconDust HDHomeRun for Windows and then do your tutorial above??? Or is it easier than that?

  4. While it might work this isn’t the best option in my experience. I am now looking into getting a PRV backend running on an older RPi1B and using the HDHR Dual to access that backend via a PVR frontend using Openelec/Kodi running on a RPi2.

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