I had an email from a reader asking for advice on what would be a good remote solution for Windows Media Center/HTPC. It’s an interesting subject as it can make or break the the success of a system with your family so I thought I would see what readers think.

Justin wants a one remote that can control Windows Media Center via bluetooth or RF and the TV via IR. He wants it to have a qwerty keyboard, good battery life and look good in the lounge. So the standard Media Center remote wouldn’t cut it s it’s IR only and doesn’t have a qwerty keyboard on it.

Personal I use a Vidabox remote keyboard which is a small keyboard which works great but can’t control the TV and at the end of the day is still a PC keyboard and Justin doesn’t want that. I know Tivo have a remote that could do it but its not available in the UK.


Another solution could be Amulet Voice Activated Remote Control which is RF based, can control the TV but doesn’t have a keyboard.


Justin spotted what could be his ideal solution from a Chinese manufacture but has yet to find if they have a UK distributor (unless enough of you want one and we can get a load of them shipped in). Another solution maybe to use a Smartphone and Media Center remote control app as a dedicated controller but I am not sure how you could control the TV from an app.

So do you guys have a better solution that Justin could look at?

12 thoughts on “What is your ideal HTPC Remote Control?”
  1. My ideal remote would be if the MY MOVIES iOS app could also conect to my RED EYE unit. Basically merge the two apps.

  2. Simplicity is the key. I prefer the Microsoft Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition and an Xbox remote (older model with green button).

  3. I still love my Gyration Air Mouse Remote and a bluetooth mini keyboard when really needed. Always wish that the Gyration Air Mouse would be merged with the Amulet Voice Activated features (which can be expanded to things like Skype) and of course a slide out keyboard for those few times the other two controlling features don’t work for need.

  4. One of the newer Samsung tabs is supposed to have IR functions. I saw some interesting looking apps that used it although they seemed mostly US-centric. Personally I have a cheap media centre remote which can control the mouse and a BT keyboard but that gives me no control over the tv itself…

  5. I am using a Perixx PERIPAD-701:
    Awesome device and I can control the volume on my amp using HDMI-CEC.
    You need Event Ghost and a USB to HDMI-CEC bridge to do this:
    I purchased it with EventGhost so I can do some home automation (scene control) in the future.

    I still use a Harmony One to turn everything on/off but if i really wanted to I could configure EventGhost to do that too (provided the HTPC is on to receive the signal from the keyboard).

    1. Looks very similar to the Rii mini keyboard but with an extra remote style d-pad. A good review of the Rii keyboard is .

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