Our old friends Vidabox have released a new NAS style storage system designed  for movie and music multi-room distribution. The LiiNAS has automatic archiving of unencrypted CDs,DVDs and Blue-ray discs and has automatic metadata tagging. There is also integration with Dune HD for movies, Sonos for music playback and Control4 for home automation.

If your at CEDIA Expo you can take a look for yourself.



Press Release:

Garden City Park, NY – August 27, 2012 – VidaBox proudly debuts the brand new LiivNAS, an entry-level storage system designed to easily archive movies and music for multi-room distribution. Unlike traditional NAS devices, LiivNAS has a built-in Drop-n-Rip™ disc drive for easy archiving of unencrypted CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. Metadata tagging occurs automatically during archival, and is made available to compatible media player devices such as those made by Dune HD for movies and Sonos for music. Integration with Control4 is available as an option, displaying movie and music cover art with metadata on any Control4 touch panel, iOS or Android device, or TV OSD interface. Support for additional control systems will follow in the near future.
“LiivNAS brings affordable multiroom video and audio to any home,” says Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox, LLC. “At less than half the cost of our current entry-level servers, it stores up to 330 DVDs or 80 Blu-rays. Simply add cost-effective Dune HD media players to watch any movie, on any TV, at any time! For music, it can store over 400,000 songs and stream them to your Sonos players. You can even run the Sonos Controller software right on the LiivNAS without another PC, eliminating unnecessary cost. LiivNAS’s low cost, combined with Dune HD and Sonos’ expandable architectures, makes them the perfect choice for any project – from a single room, to whole house distribution!”
Adding new movies and CDs to the LiivNAS is extremely easy. Simply insert an unencrypted disc into the system’s Drop-n-Rip drive; archiving and metadata tagging will start automatically. Once complete, the disc is ejected, and the newly stored title shows up immediately on all connected Dune HD (movies) and Sonos (music) devices, ready for playback. The entire process is fully automated. After the disc is inserted, no other user-interaction is required, making LiivNAS extremely user-friendly. Music can also be manually imported into storage, or auto-synchronized via services like iTunes Match through the network.
Not only can LiivNAS archive and import new media for quick, easy playback on Dune HD and Sonos devices, it also offers an optional upgrade, which allows integration of its movies and music metadata directly with any third-party control system via a 2-way API. Extra Vegetables, a pioneer of Control4 drivers, has developed seamless integration of the LiivNAS’s metadata for display on Control4 touch panels, Android/iOS interfaces, and TV OSDs. When combined with their existing drivers for Sonos and Dune HD media players, users will see rich metadata, be able to easily select any title, and enjoy instant movie or music playback – complete with integrated control.
“We’re thrilled to be working with VidaBox again to offer AV integrators a seamless, complete solution for our Rip, Tag, and Play concept,” says Jane Scotland, Chief Operating Officer of Extra Vegetables. “The new LiivNAS is a ready-to-use solution that is specifically engineered to work well for any C4 dealer looking for an affordable, multi-room video and audio server. Combined with its Sonos compatibility and our existing Sonos-C4 drivers, it’s the perfect choice for any multiroom audio-video installation!”
“The LiivNAS is the ideal centerpiece of any AV or Control4 installation,” continues Cheung. “Whether you’re looking for a Sonos-ready NAS that can synchronize multiple iTunes libraries into a single location, or an inexpensive movie server for multiple rooms with Dune HD media players, or if you need a completely integrated solution for music and movies with Control4 – LiivNAS can do it all, becoming the central starting point for any project needing easy media archival, storage, metadata auto-tagging, plus Control4 integration!”
The LiivNAS is will be available and shipping starting Sept. 4th. For more details and specifications on the LiivNAS, and other VidaBox digital entertainment and control solutions, please visit the company website at, call +1-516-730-7500, or see it in action along with Dune HD players at CEDIA Expo Booth 5240.

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