Plex have launched a new web based Plex client and a new subscription service. The PlexPass costs $3.99 per month and gives you access to new features before they go on general availability, access to test “premium features”, private forums and discounts on the premium features you have been testing out.

One of the new features being tested out is the new Plex web client, it has all the management features of the OS X version, access to your myPlex queue and media player features. It looks very nice but if you want to test it you will need the monthly PlexPass.

To go with the new PlexPass and web client there is a new version of the Plex Media Server.

Read all the details in these three blog posts from Plex, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Plex users what do you think of the changes?

We had some lofty goals for this new app: First of all, it had to be fast, even with huge sections. Like, much faster than even the old OS X manager. Secondly, why stop at management? We wanted you to have the ability to play music, watch videos, and view photos, right in your browser. In addition, why not have the ability to manage and view channels in the same interface? And what about powerful new ways to slice and dice your media library? And by God, it had to work well on mobile devices too, and across browsers.

In short, this new web client is the most powerful Plex client around



1) First of all, PlexPass gets you early access to new features. We’ll be making select new features available to PlexPass members earlier than we otherwise would, and you’ll get to play with them and give us feedback and suggestions. Make your friends jealous. (And yes, we have a juicy new feature to get this kicked off in style.)

2) We’re going to be introducing some premium features. Fancy, shiny things with lots of sparkle (and not the sort that comes with fangs and neck affinity). As a PlexPass member, you’ll get free access to those features while we’re testing them out.

3) PlexPass members automatically get access to private forums for discussing these new features. There’s another forum for voting on bugs & features to help us with prioritization. And there is another one we’re calling for people needing a bit of extra help with issues they may be running into. Hey, you’re a PlexPass member – we’ll give you some extra love!

4) Last, but not least, PlexPass members get discounts on premium features once they’re made available to the general public.

What if you don’t want to sign up for PlexPass? Well, life continues on much like it has. You’ll still get new features when we release to the general public (except for premium features, of course). This is our way of being extra awesome to the PlexPass members, not less awesome to the rest of you.

In summary, PlexPass members get the best possible Plex experience, above and beyond what was previously possible. You get to show off to your non-PlexPass friends a bunch of cool new stuff before it’s generally available, and hey, we’ll even badge your forum posts with the tasty Alexis-designed badge above so that everyone can see you’re a member. And with your support, and your early input and feedback on new features, we can build a better Plex together!

As for the cost, PlexPass is just $3.99/month. I hear it’s sort of passé to compare this with a cup of coffee, so I’ll just note that this is way cheaper than a good microbrew at your favorite watering hole. After tipping the goateed waiter who’s working on that screenplay. You can sign up here, once you’ve signed into your myPlex account.

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  1. I tested Plex based on the fact it was supposed to support HDhomerun tuners. The plugin did not work at all and the dev never responded to me or any other request about it in the forum.

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