Plex have updated their Android app to version and according to Plex this update is about performance and stability with lots of fixes. Also updated is Plex for Google TV, this update adds remote control support as well as fixes.

NEW a number of optimizations and performance improvements around especially around page and image load times.
FIX an issue where loading dialog was not being dismissed properly.
FIX connection and reconnection logic to cope with failure to connect issues, network outages and transient network issues.
FIX to allow the audio player to seek backwards.
FIX eliminate progress indicators and option to resume audio.
FIX duration was sometimes not being calculated correctly.
FIX quit followed by a quick start no longer closes immediately on those nimble enough to have noticed this.
FIX don’t reload/rerender the home screen every time.  Feel free to push the nifty refresh button in the upper left corner of the app to your heart’s content!
FIX a number of field reported crash conditions. Thanks for keeping those reports coming!

Extras for Google TV

In addition to the above there are a number of things worth mentioning that are particular to Plex for the Google TV which was also released today:

NEW Support for Plex Remote controls. You can now use Plex for Android or Plex for iOS to control Plex on your Google TV!
NEW Media Info is now displayed at top of screen when playback controls are visible.
NEW Network logging (off by default) – which we may someday ask you to turn on if you run into an tricky issue when using Plex for Google TV.
FIX An issue where Plex was failing to fall back to transcode (from Direct Play) in some situations.
FIX Seek bar doesn’t jump around anymore.
FIX An issue where Channels list was getting lost on reload.
FIX Scrobble only once.
FIX Reporting progress too often when connected to wifi and talking to remote server.
FIX Flush Cache and Reset Defaults moved out of options menu onto preference screen.
FIX Removed unnecessary logging

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