Netflix “Just for Kids” Arrives on Xbox 360


Netflix have announced a new kids service for the Xbox 360. The new “Just for Kids” app has content subtitle for 12 year olds and under and is a great idea to enable parents to allow their kids to watch Netflix without worrying about them watching the wrong content.  I am going to get my kids on this as it’s a good way of getting good value out of a Netflix subscription without the risk of them watching the wrong type of show.

You will need an Xbox 360 Gold subscription and a Netflix subscription to get access to the service.

Details from the Netflix blog:

Whether you are a kid in age or a kid at heart, you will love Just for Kids, designed specifically for kids – with content appropriate for those 12 and under.
My kids spend a lot of time on the Xbox and my wife and I are very careful with the games we allow them to play on it.The same can be said of programmes and films – my kids just aren’t ready for most of the shows out there.
With Netflix Just for Kids it’s easy for my kids and yours alike to stay in a safe area for their television viewing when using Xbox 360. Parents, you can unleash your kids in this section of Netflix and not worry about titles that could be inappropriate. As always, there are no commercials on Netflix.

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