This week I joined Ian on the show to talk about my MediaPortal “project”.

Having been a Windows Media Center user for many years but I felt it was time to see what alternatives were out there since it became clear that Media Center was no longer a focus or priority for Microsoft.

After trying a few different alternatives I revisited the MediaPortal project and I was impressed with how far it has come. I will be doing a more in depth review but in the mean time I have put together a short video review on YouTube:

For more information check out the MediaPortal homepage

3 thoughts on “MediaPortal video review: A Windows Media Center alternative”
  1. How does it compare to SageTV? Looking for a replacement that offers the ability to extend it to different TVs / PCs and has good SD and HD tuner support

  2. Never used Sage but I have been using MediaPortal for a few weeks now and it is fantastic. I have full “soft sled” support for live tv, recorded tv and the epg. It’s pretty straight forward to setup up if you are an HTPC enthusiast. Ive recently discovered here is even a plugin for XBMC meaning you can get the MP client experience in Linux and Mac too. Best of all it’s all free. Look at for my more in depth review soon.

  3. Guys this custom build is only found in the forums of mediaportal. If you take a look in the Development area for MediaPortal 1 you will find the thread Custom Data Grabber which allows for the EPG content and Series Link data.

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