You may remember our Custom Integrator Podcast that I hosted with Derek R. Flicinger (Dr Flick) a couple of years ago, where we had an in-depth look at technical issues like HDMI, DLNA and the CableCARD. Since recording the shows Derek has been busy writing a book on HDMI with Jeffrey A. Boccaccio, the book called HDMI® Uncensored – Inside HDMI is a detailed look at HDMI which covers topics like CEC, 3D and HDMI cables.

HDMI is a complex subject and Derek has a vast amount of knowledge on the subject. You can pre-order the book from the US site priced at $35.95


HDMI® Uncensored – Inside HDMI is the first of a series of books designed to take the reader on a journey of HDMI discovery and education.  The journey begins with the basics, taking a look Inside HDMI to understand the different components, what makes them tick and identify some of the problem areas.  Future books will cover the more practical application of HDMI in real world installations (especially over long distances) as well as a guide to system troubleshooting.

Written in an easy to understand, conversational style supported by numerous full color diagrams, Jeff and Derek convey their knowledge and experience while ensuring you enjoy the journey.  Embrace HDMI through education.  Begin by taking a look under the hood with HDMI® Uncensored – Inside HDMI.



Chapter 1 – Why the Hell Can’t We Just Stick with Analog?

Chapter 2 – So, How Does This Damn Thing Work?

Chapter 3 – Taking a Byte Out of Digital Video and Audio

                         Optional Reading:  DC Balance

Optional Reading:  TMDS/LVDS Comparison

Optional Reading:  TMDS Timing

Chapter 4 – Our Old Friend the HDMI Cable – Are They all Created Equal?

Chapter 5 – EDID It

Chapter 6 – HDCP

Chapter 7 – Another One Bytes the Dust – CEC and Who is in Control?

Chapter 8 – What the Heck is all of this HEAC About Anyhow?

Chapter 9 – Let’s Look at a Little Bit of 3D

Chapter 10 – The Leftovers (2K, 4K and Color Spaces, Oh My!)

Chapter 11 – It’s a Wrap – With More to Come…

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