Last night during the recording of this weeks podcast (join us at 8pm Tuesdays for the live chat) Rich pointed out we had missed the biggest news of the week: Jet Set Willy is coming to Windows Phone and the Xbox.

The classic 80’s Spectrum game is coming August 24th via Elite Systems who have releasing Spectrum games on iOS for a while. Jet Set Willy was one of the biggest games on the era and I spent many ours playing it on my little 48k Spectrum.

Elite MD, Steve Wilcox said:

“The release of JET SET WILLY 360 as an Xbox Live Indie Game and as a Windows Phone game is the next exciting step in bringing classic ZX Spectrum games to a new audience, via new devices and platforms and in the process restoring some order to the market. We began doing this some 22 months ago with our ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection Apps for iOS devices and in the intervening period there have been more than 100,000 paid instances. The release of JET SET WILLY 360 follows the positive reception and a successful launch of MANIC MINER 360 as an Xbox Live Indie Game and as a Windows Phone game … it’s expected to be followed by more classic ZX Spectrum Games.

While its nice its coming to a new generation of devices if you want the real 80’s experience you can’t beat playing the game on an original rubber keyed ZX Spectrum and you will be able to get your hands on that and other classic machines at our user group meeting next month.


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