Tesco owned movie and TV streaming services Blinkbox are switching from Adobe Flash to Microsoft’s Silverlight for their web streaming service. From August 28th when you play Blinkbox content on your PC or Mac you will get the new Silverlight app which in an email sent to subscribers Blinkbox say will deliver ‘smooth streaming’, hight quality picture and improved security (meaning less piracy).

It’s interesting to see that while Microsoft maybe downplaying Silverlight 3rd parties still see it as a better system than Adobe’s Flash Player.


Here at blinkbox, we’re always trying hard to deliver the best movie experience for our customers. As part of this we wanted to let you know that from the 28th August we are switching from Adobe Flash Player to a new video player called Microsoft Silverlight when you use on your computer.
We believe this will provide you with a better movie service, because:
•  Silverlight will improve the viewing experience for our PC and Mac users
•  It will deliver a ‘smooth streaming’ video service, meaning a higher quality picture for you
•  It provides greater security than Flash against piracy, ensuring we can continue to show you great    movies and TV shows.
You will probably already have a version of Silverlight installed on your computer, but if not you will need to install new software from the Microsoft website. Alternatively, simply follow the onscreen instructions when you visit from the 28th August

Thanks to @databasejase for the tip

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