Microsoft are continuing to roll out changes to the SkyDrive service in the run up to Windows 8 launching, the latest is improved notifications. When you click on the SkyDrive icon in the system tray you get details of when SkyDrive last synced and if its up to date.

Also there is a new SkyDrive logo designed to fit in with the new Metro look and feel. Unfortunately SkyDrive is still an all or nothing sync option as there is no granularity over which folders get synced like there is with DropBox. 

Details from the Windows Team Blog

Many people asked for a simple way to check at a glance whether their SkyDrive is in sync. With this update, when you click SkyDrive in the system tray, a small status window appears. It lets you know if SkyDrive is up to date, and gives you the time at which SkyDrive was last updated.

SkyDrive is up to date / Last updated 3 minutes ago / Link: Open your SkyDrive folder

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