Remote Potato the Window Media Center addin that most mobile/remote control Media Center apps use as a backend service is going open source. Carl Partridge the developer behind the app said he is aiming to foster new innovation.

While its good news for developers wanting to work with Remote Potato I do wonder if the lack of future for Windows Media Center has made Carl look at moving on from the project.


7th July 2012

Remote Potato, the popular media streaming server, has posted its entire source code as Open Source Software in an attempt to foster new innovation.

Head Developer Carl Partridge said “Hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded and use Remote Potato every day to stream their music, pictures and video to browsers and mobile phones. There has been considerable interest from developers the Media Center community on getting their hands on the code.  Therefore, the most sensible solution seemed to be to put it out there for developers to see, download and hopefully improve upon.”
Remote Potato’s full source code can now be found at and FatAttitude are now seeking developers to maintain and improve the project.
For more information contact [email protected]

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