OpenELEC the embedded XBMC system has got the beta 5 stage. This build fixes video playback issues, includes support for [email protected] videos with our AMD graphic driver via XVBA and has a nice long list of other updates.

I have been using OpenELEC on a couple of machines including my Raspberry Pi and its a very nice implementation of XBMC.

Details from OpenELEC:


  • reworked Python support for faster addon startup
  • update to samba-3.6.6
  • rework samba with patches from OpenWRT, so we save more then 5MB in our builds
  • update to linux-3.2.21
  • some speed optimizations
  • replace udev with systemd, udev is now part of systemd
  • update to busybox-1.20.2
  • remove package ‘bash’, busybox’s ‘ash’ works good enough
  • update to xorg-server-1.12.2
  • update to xf86-video-fglrx-12.6
  • update to xf86-video-nvidia-302.17
  • switch to external ffmpeg its easyer to maintain and update
  • update to ffmpeg-0.10.4
  • update to libnfs-1.3
  • patch XBMC to support metadata support via libshairport
  • update to gcc-4.7.1
  • build XBMC texturepacker and pack XBMC’s themes
  • add exFAT partition support
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