On the Windows Team Blog  Microsoft have announced new keyboards and mice specifically designed for Windows 8. There is the new Wedge Mobile Keyboard which is designed to work with tablets and is a very slim and very stylish looking. It has the new Windows logo on it and has buttons for charms, search, share and device settings. It connects via Bluetooth and looks like it will be very good Windows 8 tablets, the keyboard will be priced at $79.95 in the US.

Microsoft have also released details for the new Wedge Touch Mouse that goes with the keyboard. The mouse is very small and like the keyboard connects via Bluetooth and will be priced at $69.95.



The other keyboard and mouse announced are the Sculpt Touch Mouse and Sculpt Mobile Keyboard. These look more like traditional desktop devices and have the Windows 8 keys on it. The mouse has touch scrolling and supports multi-touch gestures.

The Sculpt Mobile Keyboard cost $49.95 (U.S.) and the mouse will also be $49.95

Microsoft also detailed the updated Touch Mouse gesture settings for Windows 8:

• One-finger swipes allow customers to move naturally and intuitively side to side or up and down, shifting content on screen.

• Two-finger movements manage apps, switch through open apps and show app commands.

• Three fingers allow customers to zoom in and out.

• Thumb gestures navigate backward and forward within apps.

So overall the the new Wedge Touch Mouse and Wedge Touch Keyboard look like nice devices for mobile users but as the Windows Surface devices have their own keyboards I think this will be aimed at owners for OEM Windows 8 tablets.

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