Plex have updated the Android version of their app. The new version has a remote control features so you can use another mobile to control the android version. Also included is QuickSilver Transcoder something that is in the latest beta of the Plex Media Server, this is designed to improve video playback quality for devices like the Kindle Fire.

The Plex for Android app costs £3.15 from Google Play

Plus there lots of other features (details from the Plex Blog)

  • NEW: Experimental Transcode method (Quicksilver).
  • NEW: Android devices can receive remote control commands and publish themselves as players.  Can be turned on/off.  On by default.
  • NEW: Network logging for troubleshooting. Down with the logcat!  If you’re helping us troubleshoot you may opt into Network Logging from Advanced Settings to turn on Plex Client and PMS logging for 10 minute intervals.
  • NEW: Media Info displayed at top of screen when playback controls are visible.
  • FIX: an issue where sometimes Plex would get stuck on ‘Loading’ the Home Screen.
  • FIX: playback issues on some ICS devices (e.g. HTC One).
  • FIX: an issue where hints in myPlex dialogs/fields were not appearing so it wasn’t clear what went into each field.
  • FIX: weird seekbar behavior where it would temporarily skip around before seeking was complete.
  • UPDATE: Added a number of devices to the “Device Supports HLS” list.

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