Don’t you hate it when your in the middle of watching a movie and someone calls you interrupting the moment. Wouldn’t it be good if you had caller ID notifications in Windows Media Center and had the option of dropping the call or at least see who was calling. Well this is what you can do with the new caller ID app for Windows Media Center.

It works be pushing out notifications to Windows Media Center, Media Center Extender sessions,e-mail notifications, XBMC and Mac. As well as supporting landlines it also supports smartphones so you can see who has called your mobile.

There is a 30 day free trial available from and the full version costs $11.95

    • Notification of who is calling before the phone is picked up.
    • Logging of incoming calls.
    • Multiple modem support.
    • Up to 8 remote computers and/or Media Centers capable of receiving caller information
    • Each instance of the Media Center can support up to 5 Media Center Extenders (ie. XBOX 360).
    • Incoming calls that are not wished to be picked up can be dropped using a ‘Drop’ button from both the PC and Media Center.
    • Blocking of unwanted numbers.
    • Sending of E-mail notifications about calls to multiple E-Mail addresses.
    • Importing of contacts from Google Contacts and Outlook, including the display images for the contacts .
    • Bluetooth support of the following smart phone brands: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7.5 and Blackberry. The Bluetooth adapter will work like a land line modem using a hands-free profile.
    • XBMC support.
    • Apple’s Mac Caller ID notification support (Growl).

See the app in action:

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