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Yesterday the Android version of My Movies was updated and today it’s the turn of the iOS version and the Mac version.

The iOS version gains Facebook login options, flash when scanning a barcode and new swipe options as well as bug fixes.

What’s New in Version 1.83

Added: Facebook Login option.
Added: Option to turn on flash when scanning barcodes.
Added: Vertical swipe option to switch between front and back covers on cover scrolling..

Change: Updated RedLaser barcode scanner library.
Change: Users now gets a better message if the password on their account have been changed.

Fix: Titles without covers is included in cover scrolling when swiping between covers.
Fix: Issues with connection model when connected to WHS both internally an externally.
Fix: Issue with multiple Dune players, where it could connect to the incorrect player.

There is the free version with the limit of 50 titles in your collection and the full version which costs £4.99

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