A few weeks ago I tried out Goodplayer for iOS an app designed to play almost any video format you can throw at it, it’s a great app and has been updated today with an improved FTP, Retina display toggling (you may want to switch it off on an iPhone 4), TV Output settings and an iPod full screen mode.

The app costs £1.99 from iTunes

What’s New in Version 5.4

1. FTP client improved, fixes the issue in 5.3 update
2. German localization improved, thanks to Lucas Kundigraber again
3. “Retina Display” setting added, the default is on. When the processing power is not enough (such as iPhone 4 to play some files), you can turn off this setting to save some processing power. The Retina Display feature will need extra processing power
4. Adds a “Maximum Resolution” option for “TV-Out Resolution” setting, this item will use the maximum available device resolution. For “TV-Out Resolution”, the “Default” setting will use the minimum available device resolution
5. Adds a “iPod Fullscreen” setting for iPod plugin playback, the default is off. When it is off, iPod plugin playback will use fit to fullscreen. When it is on, iPod plugin playback will use fill to fullscreen

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