iRig Mic Cast is a microphone addon from IK Multimedia that it is a compact mic for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch that enables audio recording. As well as the mic there is an iOS app which enables the recording and can be used for editing and converting the files. In the box there is a desktop stand so you can use it to record on a table top. I found it worked best in the desktop mode as in close mic mode there was a some audio popping, something a pop shield would help with but it doesn’t come with.

In this video I unbox the iRig and put it through it’s paces and take a look at the audio app that you can get from IK. During the recording I recorded three audio files, two with the iRig and one with the iPhone mic so you can compare the outputs. The kit costs around £29

Give the audio file and test and see what you think: Audio File Link


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