This week Jon and Jason are joined by Ian Dixon to talk over the hot topic of the week with Microsoft revealing the new Surface tablets during an announcement that had been kept completely free of any information leaking ahead of the event. We talk about the buzz this event generated, the hardware, and the potential impact on the usual OEM channels. Could the Surface finally offer some real competition to the iPad?

We then discuss the second big announcement from Microsoft when they unveiled an early look at Windows Phone 8 along with the news that existing devices will only receive a new 7.8 release which most likely will only bring the facelift to the start screen. Can Windows Phone 8 close the current feature gap to Android and iOS?

These announcements created some great discussions so the show is a little longer than usual. Do you agree with our opinion or do you feel there is a desperate move with nothing of substance once you look beneath the Surface? We are looking for guest co-hosts so get in touch below and let us know what you think.

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