I am a big fan of Dropbox, I use it to sync content on all my devices and the latest update adds a nice video streaming option for ICS devices. You can now specify the app you want to steam video with. So now I have created a folder in Dropbox with all my videos in and then I can stream videos using wifi (or 3G) wherever I want.

The Dropbox app for Android is free from Google Play

What’s in this version:

In version 2.1.4:
• Custom-tailored video streaming for ICS users
• Language support for our Korean speaking friends — 안녕하세요!
In 2.1:
• Automatically uploads photos and videos in the background using Wi-Fi or data plan
• Up to 3 GB of free space for uploading photos automatically (in 500 MB increments)
• Upload files of any size

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