01. Media Center plug-in now skips main screen when entering from or exiting to a library
02. Support NVIDIA Kepler
03. Support AMD Trinity and Southern Islands
04. Support Intel Ivybridge

01. Fix seek issue
02. Fix a compatability issue with recent AMD drivers
03. Improve AMD 24hz support on some platforms
04. Fix HD bitstreaming support on AMD 7xxx platform when using non-PAP media
05. Fix lost connection issue on Intel SNB/IVB platforms
06. Fix mouse solution popup appearing incorrectly
07. Fix memory leak issue
08. Optimize SimHD performance
09. Fix OpenCL SimHD on Intel IVB platform
10. Fix headphone no audio issue
11. Fix numerous disk navigation issues that prevented playback (Apocalypse Now, Tintin, etc)
12. Fix no sound after FF
13. Fix crash/performance issues with quickly repeated button presses on MCE remote
14. Support disabling subs on MKV
15. Fix issue with lost audio after transitioning between two TrueHD tracks
16. Fix issue with incorrect submenu display

01. NV Kepler HD audio bitstreaming
02. AMD 7xxx bitstreaming on some platforms
03. Patton blu-ray issue
04. AMD 7xxx DXVA SimHD picture quality (AMD driver issue)

Download link:

Full installer:

Patch from or later:

Users of 5.1 or earlier will need to go through the process of getting a TMT 5.2+ Activation Code from this page:
We recommend doing this BEFORE INSTALLING. The page requires you to fill in your EXACT information used when you placed the original TMT5 order. So if you ordered as “Jonathan Smith” filling in “John Smith” will not work. If you changed emails, you must enter and have access to that old email address to get your new Activation Code. Some users will understandably have trouble with this process and customer service is available to help. Contact them here if you have trouble:

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