As well as new hardware Apple announced iOS 6 is coming to iPhone 3G and up and iPad 2nd and 3rd gen devices. It looks like some major additions that could have me powering up my iPhone again (I currently use a Galaxy Note).

There are new phone features like Do Not Disturb, declining incoming calls and reply with a message (Android does this already).

You can use FaceTime over 3G which is a big plus,

Safari gets tab syncing with iCloud so you can sync you tabs with your Mac.

There is a new app called Passbook for storing boarding passes, store cards etc

A complete overhaul of the maps app which does away with Google Maps, adds turn by turn navigation, Siri integration, 3D flyover. 

Enhancements to the mail app with at last the ability to add photos and videos from the compose Window (at last). VIPs feature enables you to mark someone you want to be notified about. 

Plus lots of other changes, due later this year. I wonder why there is no support for the original iPad?

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