A couple of years ago I started using a service for Media Center that would automatically convert recorded TV shows to a format I could use on other devices like the iPad, it worked very well but I haven’t used it for some time. Today I got an email from them explaining that they are suspending sales of the Media Center application as they focus on hardware products.

It’s not surprising that 3rd party developers are scaling back their Media Center development given that Microsoft current attitude to the platform.


Dear Simple.TV for WMC User

A quick head’s up: we’re temporarily suspending sales of our Simple.TV for Windows Media Center application as we focus on bringing our hardware DVR to market (the shiny white box you may have seen in various articles and on our website). We’re “all hands on deck” to ship within the next 2 months.
Don’t worry: we will continue to support Simple.TV for Windows 7 — however, trial users will not be able to purchase the paid version until further notice.  We look forward to updating the PC software with support for iOS, Roku and HTML5 apps later in the year.
The Simple TV Team

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