Browsing eBay for vintage computer kit is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, I love browsing from my iPad while sat on the sofa. Today the version 2 of the eBay iPad app has been released and its had a complete overhaul.

The new design is easier to navigate around and you can customize the home screen, there are multiple ways to view search results  and generally seems to work better than the old version. So it looks like its more time in the app for me while I look for that rare ZX80!

The app is free from iTunes

What’s New in Version 2.0.0

★★★★★ With this many new features, fixes, and user requests, it’s hard not to be excited!
Redesigned for the Retina display and packed with added enhancements like better search, a back button, and the ability to revise listings.
♥ With your feedback, we’ve made an app we know you’ll love. ♥
☀ New for 2.0:
• A new design with customizable home screen
• Ultra-high resolution item images
• View search results in three ways
• Your top feature requests added: revise listings, back button, and improved search
• More eBay notifications
• Much more!
Designed from the ground up, our 2.0 app brings what you want right to the front. The first thing you’ll notice is a new “home” screen. At the top of the screen, we automatically include your eBay Buying, Watching, and Selling activity. Prefer something else on your home screen? Tap the “Edit” button and move your home screen options around, add new options or delete.
In addition to a complete redesign of the app, we were inspired by the many features and functions you asked for on


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