20120528-163831.jpgTalented Android developer “Csharpe” has been hard at work and released a custom version of the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Andy Pad Pro tablet only days after the official release, promising to fix a few issues including adding support for the official Google Play app.

Here is what he has to say about it:

After a long night of work I finally got things together & completed my first release for the AndyPad Pro ICS.
My goal with this ROM was not to remove as many as I could (which I did on the GB releases). I wanted to create a standard Google tablet instead, without all the bloatware that comes with some firmware.

This first release includes:

Android 4.0.4 (running on 3.0.8 kernel released with stock rom)
All Google apps (Play Store, Talk, Face-unlock, Gmail, Youtube HD)
Face-unlock (Settings ->;;;;; Security)
Apex Launcher as the default launcher
Latest Superuser (if you don’t want this, you can remove the su binary from /bin using the Android SDK)
Ad-hoc support (Tethering from phone / Windows 7)
Zipaligned apk
Bootloader v2.14, which allows custom recoveries. Expect CWM soon.
Busybox (without the symlinks)

I am looking forward to testing this out. Be aware this is for the Pro version of the tablet only.

More information at the Andy Pad Forums

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