When I need to run Windows on my Mac I use VMWare Fusion, it runs Windows 8 very well and even Media Center works ok. Recently Fusion was updated to version 4.1.2 which resolves a number issues.

The update is free for Fusion 4 users.

Change Log:

VMware Fusion 4.1.2 is FREE update and is recommended for all VMware Fusion 4 users. It addresses more than 20 issues including:

  • Resolved an “out of memory” message when resuming some virtual machines.
  • Resolved an intermittent printing problem when using Mac OS X Lion.
  • Addressed an issue with copy and paste on newer Linux distributions.
  • Fixed accessing files on shared folders using short names.
  • Numerous Mac OS X compatibility improvements, including Developer ID.
  • Resolved a power-off issue in Windows 2000.
  • Updated version of McAfee VirusScan.

See the VMware Fusion release notes for more details.

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