It’s been a bust weekend for Raspberry Pi, first they started delivering the first batch of boards to schools where they were showing programming to school children (which is great) and then there is a new build of the Debian Linux distribution which includes several performance updates.

There is also a tutorial showing how to get Wi-Fi working with the Linux image. Hopefully distribution of the boards to enthusiast should start soon, having seen a Raspberry Pi playing Quake at The Gadget Show I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

It’s been a hell of a 24 hours. We’ve been driving up and down the country meeting the people packaging and sending out the Raspberry Pis, doing masterclasses with kids, meeting and eating with our very excellent graphic designer Paul Beech (more meetings should involve bread and dripping, we think) and doing yet more filming with the BBC. We’re not sure when/if it’s being broadcast – we think we may have been bumped by a very photogenic story about a rapidly deflating hot-air balloon and some overhead power cables – but we did get some great pictures from the session with the children. I sincerely don’t know how you teachers do it. I found myself wanting to go and hide behind the whiteboard to do some heavy breathing halfway through the lesson just to get a respite from all the (very smart) questions we were being asked.


Some of you may have noticed that we posted a new Debian “squeeze” release on the downloads page yesterday. This contains several performance enhancements, including enabling the 128K system L2 cache for the first time, and Dom’s first-cut ALSA drivers.

Omer Kilic has produced a tutorial showing how to get some brands of Wi-Fi module to work with the latest Debian image.


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