Plex have updated their Plex client for Google TV, the new version has a improved UX and lots of fixes.  You can get the app from Google Play and don’t forget you will need a Plex server to work with it.

What’s New

What’s in this version:

  1. FIX Subtitles sometimes fail to render
  2. FIX Problems connecting to PMS
  3. FIX Play button not on Details Page
  4. FIX Usernames are not optional for myPlex signup
  5. FIX bad servers were being displayed on Settings page
  6. FIX webkit channels displayed pixelated
  7. FIX Server side preferences were not getting properly displayed
  8. FIX video playback issues
  9. NEW Home screen with UX optimized for Big Screen
  10. NEW dts and ac3 can now be toggled on/off
  11. NEW support up to 8 channel transcode
  12. FIX In app Search functionality

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