Plex have updated their Android app bringing improved speed and navigation, more channels and lots of other fixes.  With Plex you can stream video and audio from a Plex server and there are clients for iOS, Windows Phone, Android, PC and Mac

Plex for Android costs £3.15 from Google Play , don’t forget you will need a Plex server (available from

Details from the Plex Blog

The thing you’ll notice first when spinning up this release is that it’s quite a bit snappier. Navigation, page loads, image loading and scrolling should all be noticeably faster. Beyond that, this release fixes many issues large and small that our community reported and has been patiently waiting for.

One thing you may not notice that I’ll tip you off about is that you can now long press just about any media item, just about anywhere, to bring up details if it has them – which is particularly useful if you’re launching stuff from the home page.  Some may not care but as for me – well – I think it’s cool if only for the little thrill I get with every buzz of haptic feedback that comes with the long-press.

Here’s the high level list, though there are many more fixes in here:

  • IMPROVED performance of navigation and image loading.
  • IMPROVED media selection logic – more channels play and quality better matches settings.
  • NEW long press on a media item takes you to details if they’re available so you no longer have to aim at the little ‘i’.  It’s a small thing we know.
  • NEW configurable logging levels – the default is that Plex will now only display errors in the logs.
  • NEW ability to control your remote media players in addition to those on your local network (helps when your phone isn’t on your local wifi for example).
  • FIX lights out / low profile during media playback in ICS.
  • FIX some cases where subtitles weren’t being picked up and displayed.
  • FIX in Plex search capabilities.
  • FIX numerous connection related problems.
  • FIX memory leaks especially related to images.
  • FIX an issue where quality settings above 8Mbps were ignored.
  • FIX a problem where some channels (Flash and Silverlight video) were always playing at the lowest quality.
  • FIX for many, many other field and forums reported issues.

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