With the Raspberry Pi boards now shipping to lucky customers OpenELEC have a build ready for the Pi. It’s early days but getting it working would be a great way of learning how to get packages installed and running.

In the blog post on there are instructions on getting started plus useful links, I have recently started playing with OpenELEC on a test PC so that I can get some experience with it for when my Pi arrives. 


The first Rasperry Pi’s boards have been shipped to their new owners and in response to high demand for an OpenELEC/XBMC image we have merged our RPi development work into our public github repository. The OpenELEC RPi project code that you can download has already been run by the XBMC team on pre-production Raspberry Pi boards so we know it can be used to build a working system; although we also know there are some issues that need solving and the complete package needs optimising.

Once the OpenELEC developers get their hands on their own production boards we will release a pre-built and supported OpenELEC RPi image alongside our normal ION, Fusion, Ultra and AppleTV (etc.) builds.

OpenELEC fully supports Raspberry Pi’s main goal of providing a low cost platform for kids to develop programming, software and hardware development skills on. Through learning how to package and compile OpenELEC to run on Raspberry Pi you can build a working knowledge of the following essential “developer” skills:

  • How to compile software packages
  • How to build software for different hardware architectures (crosscompiling)
  • How to fix packages and build-scripts provided by software vendors
  • How to create and using toolchains
  • How to design and construct a complete Operating System from nothing
  • How to create and manage your own Linux distribution

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