There is a new version of Media Center Status Application out. The new version will suspend twitter tweets for a set number of minutes so you don’t get disturbed watching your tv show or movie.

The 64 bit is available now and the 32 bit version will be out soon


Brand new version of the Media Center Status Application has been released that will guarantee you a peaceful Media Center session with your favorite TV show or movie without annoying Twitter tweet popups.


In this latest version 0.6.3, you can suspend Twitter tweet dialogs for a specified number of minutes. Configuration is done using the Configuration application and you can enable Suspend button on tweet dialogs, as well as a time in minutes for how long tweet dialogs are suspended.


Media Center Status Application will ignore all tweets that have been made during the suspend period so you will not receive a spam of tweet dialogs after the suspend period has ended.

Download the latest 64 bit version here

(32 bit version will be out shortly)




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