Netflix are rolling out an update to it’s Xbox 360 app. The update brings Facebook integration for UK, Ireland, Canada and Latin America (not to the USA due to a 80’s privacy act) so Netflix users will be able to see what their friends and watched and rated on Netflix.

Also added are improvements to the Skip and Forward buttons plus a single sign-on so you can sign into Netflix using your Xbox LIVE account.


  • Skip Forward/Skip Back functions during play allow you to move through movies quickly and move between TV episodes easily
  • Zoom function during play lets you enlarge letterboxed video content to full screen
  • Better color contrast, making colors more vivid and black more pure.
  • If you’re a member in Canada, Latin America, the UK or Ireland, we have also created more opportunities to share TV shows and movies in the connected world and for you to discover more great stuff to watch through your friends. Members that have connected with their Facebook friends on Netflix can now see what their friends have watched and rated on Netflix.

In addition, we have made it easier to decide what you want to share with your Facebook friends when enjoying Netflix on your Xbox: 

  • Single sign on with cloud profile makes it easier to enjoy Netflix on another Xbox 360, wherever you are. For example when visiting a friend’s house you can use their Xbox 360 with Netflix after signing on with your Xbox LIVE credentials

How do you get the new application?
If you already use Netflix on your Xbox 360, you will automatically receive the new Netflix features the next time you access the application and download the update – If you have not previously downloaded the Netflix application on Xbox 360, you can simply download it from the Xbox LIVE Apps Marketplace 

A few notes:

  • An Xbox LIVE Gold membership, Netflix unlimited streaming membership and a high-speed Internet connection are required to stream TV Shows and movies from Netflix on Xbox 360
  • Kinect for Xbox 360 is required to use voice and gesture control
  • The Netflix social features are only available to Netflix members outside the United States at this time

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