On the Windows Phone Blog Microsoft have announced they are removing the option to purchase Windows Phone apps from the Zune PC software, so purchasing apps must be done from the Phone or the Marketplace web site. It’s not a surprising move as most users purchase apps from their Phone or at least use the web version and it maybe points to the Zune software being replaced with a syncing only Windows Phone app in the future (like the Mac version).

They do say that you will still be able to get Zune HD apps from the Zune software but I can’t imagine there are that many people developing apps for the Zune HD.

Microsoft are requiring all Windows Phone users to be running Windows Phone 7.5 to be able to buy or download apps.

Details from the blog post:


Hi everyone. Today I want to tell you about two changes we’re making to Marketplace to help pave the way for new store features and new apps in the months ahead.

First, we’re removing the option to shop for Windows Phone apps from the Zune PC software. Second, as part of a larger Marketplace improvement effort, you’ll soon need Windows Phone 7.5 installed on your phone to buy and download new apps, or update existing ones.

As you’ll see in a moment, most of you likely won’t even notice these changes. Let me elaborate.

Focusing on phone and web

Until today you could shop for Windows Phone apps and games in three places: on your phone, on the web, and via the Zune software on your PC.

But we know—probably not a huge surprise here—that most Windows Phone owners browse and buy apps on their phones. The web Marketplace, which debuted last September on the Windows Phone website, has also become a popular place to shop, since it’s available from any Internet-connected PC or Mac.

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