While there may not be that many people using Google TV it isn’t stopping Google from updating the apps on the platform. Google have updated the Google TV version of Youtube to include better recommendations, improved search and sharing. There is a new grid view of the recommendations and a new Channel Search option so you can easily find a YouTube channel on Google TV.

If you have a Google TV you get the app from Google Play

Details from the Google TV blog:


Adding Recommendations in My YouTube
There’s a big, beautiful world of channels and videos on YouTube, and the My YouTube tab organizes all of it for you. With an hour of video coming to YouTube every second, there’s always something new to enjoy, so we’ve added Recommendations to My YouTube to make the experience more relevant for you.

Like a great playlist, Recommendations can introduce you to the ever-expanding creativity of YouTube creators, showing you how things like pillows, a car wash, and taxidermy are related in the most hilarious of ways. On the topic of playlists, all of your private playlists are now featured as a grid of videos so you can quickly find any video in your Watch Later or Favorites.

From a new favorite to a must watch
Recommendations and Search are great ways to discover all kinds of videos, and behind every great video is a channel you might enjoy even more. This February, you started seeing YouTube channels on Google TV. You asked us to make searching even easier, so we’ve added Channel Search to quickly find the channel you’re looking for. Find one you like? Subscribe and the channel will be available and constantly updated in the My YouTube tab.

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