I have seen a few issues with Windows Media Center addins not showing up in the Extra’s gallery, some addins are failing because of compatibility issues related to the .net framework editions but some are failing because they are not registering as an extra in Media Center.

Luckily Dean posted a comment on my Windows 8 post with instructions on how to fix the registrations issues. It works for DVBLink so it should work for other apps that fail to register:

It appears the addin fails during the windows install
if you open an administrator cmd prompt in windows 8 ( right click on the windows start logo, select ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’
then type the following to register the addin in windows 8 Media Center

CD\windows\ehome (press return on Keyboard)
registermceapp c:\progra~2\dvblogic\dvblink\dvblink_addin.xml (press return on keyboard)

you should see it say ‘success’ and the addin will now be installed as normal in media center under extras and works for me.

Hope this helps

6 thoughts on “Tip on getting DVBLink and other Media Center addins working with Windows 8”
  1. Maybe someone here can help me out. here is my problem:
    I did the xbox update a few weeks ago for the new console interface and it worked fine and it was working fine as an extender. Just recently I updated my Win 7 to SP1 and now my xbox can’t be used to play recorded tv shows or watch live tv anymore. I can view pictures, play music and watch videos I have on my htpc. I can’t beleive that there is no fix released yet. Maybe there are not a ton of people using an xbox as an extender but this should be addressed asap for those who are. I have seen quite a few posts with no solutions other than to reinstall windows.
    I do not have a restore point to use due to my haphazzard house cleaning so right now I can’t use my xbox as an extender, which is the main reason I bought it to begin with.
    If anyone has a fix to this problem, Please post it so we can all benefit.

  2. Just checking which version of DVBLink this tip works with as I’m currently still on v3 and I don’t have that file and the path is slightly different:


    Really must upgrade to v4 but would be nice to get this working with Windows 8 until I get around to doing that.

  3. This is for us how still is running DVBLink 3.2
    C:\Windows\ehome\RegisterMCEApp.exe “C:\Program Files\DVBLogic\DVBLink2\DVBLinkChannelSync.xml”
    C:\Windows\ehome\RegisterMCEApp.exe ” C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBLogic\DVBLink2\DVBLinkChannelSync.xml”

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