The Digital Lifestyle Show #345–Backup my Spectrum


Andrew is back and joins me to talk over the weeks new including topics like Toshiba 4k TVs, thoughts on the new Apple TV and the new iPad, Raspberry Pi updates, Media Browser updates, My Movies, Windows 8 impressions, remembering when games came on flexi disc and we talk about plans for the next user group meetup.

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1 thought on “The Digital Lifestyle Show #345–Backup my Spectrum

  1. Concerning the comment about Windows 8 not working well with a mouse and keyboard and not being able to find Media Center (I think it was this episode):

    I think Windows 8 works at least just as well as Windows 7 with a mouse and keyboard and is actually better after about 30 minutes of use.

    You can put the apps, pages, Kindle books, etc. up front on the start screen and they’re accessible with one button press – the Windows key.

    The Semantic Zoom (Ctrl-mouse wheel or pinch on a touch machine) makes it very quick and easy to find and navigate to what’s important to you on the machine.

    The Desktop still supports the Windows key combinations to start apps.

    Finding apps, like Media Center, is the same as it was in Windows 7 – Press the Windows key and type what you’re looking for.
    Additionally, you can use the Search charm app to find an app, web page, etc. This feature is of course not available in Windows 7.

    Since the Consumer Preview release, along with the extra apps, I’ve been able to spend most of my time in Metro.
    I use my Samsung Series 7 tablet (with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard) exclusively for my personal computing. I can’t use it for my professional use (SharePoint developer) yet but do think I would be more efficient in Windows 8 than in Windows 7.

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