Following on from element14’s update on Raspberry Pi pricing the other vendor selling the Pi RS Components have an update on the ordering process from their web site. The are going to open a dedicated online store for the Raspberry Pi which will be opened to customers in order of registration of interest.

We will be opening up a bespoke Online Raspberry Pi Store for customers to order their Raspberry Pi Model B boards and all associated accessories.  The store will be opened up to customers who have registered with RS, in sequence, according to the time that they registered their interest with us.  Our new Raspberry Pi Store has been designed to support private individuals wishing to purchase Raspberry Pi’s and has a number of advantages for customers:

  • The current RS websites do not support PayPal but the new RS Raspberry Pi Store will accept orders via PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.  (I know there has been some questions about this!)
  • Customers will be able to select between payment currencies of GBP£, Euro€ or USD$.
  • We are no longer restricted from selling to private individuals in Austria, so we are able to support all countries unless we are legally prohibited by trade restrictions.


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