Raspberry Pi Model B

Over on the Raspberry Pi blog they have a Q & A with Raspberry Pi designer Pete Lomas. There are some interesting question in the post like why some SD cards work and some don’t and why the ports don’t align correctly, if your waiting for your board its well worth reading.


Will RAM upgrades be available soon? And do you think you will move towards the multi processor boards?

We are looking at the possibility of a Model B+ with additional RAM, but the costs do not look promising and unless we really run out of space for the cool stuff people want to do then it will be a while

Why is the Pi selective about SD cards it will work with, surely the SD SDHC is a standard? [[Liz: This is about the problems we’ve had with Class 10 cards.]]

It looks like the jump to smaller die and process has created some anomalies that for some reason the BCM2835 cannot handle, this is also reflected in issues with Class 10. We will publish a tested list but we have already found that the same Card manufactured in different years – have different die, the early one is OK and the later one not. This is an issue and a real pain but we are looking at it.  It also affects microSD cards for identical reasons.

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